Artist Maria Zamyatina Uses Embroidery to Capture Memories

Travel Embroidery Art by Maria Zamyatina – Photo: birdo_embroidery | Facebook

Why use a camera to capture your memories when you could use a needle and thread? For Maria Zamyatina, embroidery is the best way to remember the many places she has visited.

Zamyatina has traveled to 27 countries and 151 cities so far, capturing the essence of these places through remarkable embroidery projects. Her stunning creations include the blue and white houses of Santorini in Greece, the unparalleled sunset of Portugal, and the vibrant signature buildings of Denmark.

To make her art even more intriguing, the artist often uses other media such as watercolor paint or metallic thread for added depth and a unique, personalized touch.

Denmark-Inspired Travel Embroidery Artwork by Maria Zamyatina – Photo: birdo_embroidery | Facebook
Captivating Travel Embroidery Artwork by Maria Zamyatina, Drawing Inspiration from the Netherlands – Photo: birdo_embroidery | Facebook

How did Zamyatina come up with the idea to document her many adventures this way? In an interview with DeMilked, she explained that she has been chronicling her travels through freestyle embroidery since 2018.

Although she has four years of freestyle embroidery experience, the beginning of her journey goes back several years. Initially, she experimented with bags, brooches, cross-stitching, and ribbon embroidery.

Zamyatina noted in the interview that she felt restricted by these more traditional forms of embroidery and wanted to create her own patterns. Eventually, after attending painting classes, she decided to try using her thread “just like a pencil” and found the artistic freedom she had been searching for.

For many people, Zamyatina’s skills might seem impossible to replicate. However, the artist is generous with her time and talents and wants to help others learn to embroider detailed scenes as she does.

She currently offers an online class through My Modern Met Academy called “Mixed Media Thread Painting: Learn to Embroider Your Travel Memories.” The intermediate-level class lasts a little over three hours and includes a step-by-step breakdown of her process.

Those who want to see more of Zamyatina’s work can also follow her on Instagram.