Artist Turns NY Home Into Psychedelic Masterpiece

“The House That Sweaters Built,” a whimsical rainbow-patterned house in New York built by artist Katwise

Artist Katwise is well-known for using bright colors, psychedelic patterns, and one-of-a-kind designs. In her latest project, she’s taken things up a notch by transforming an upstate New York farmhouse into an eye-catching work of art.

Kat O’Sullivan, or Katwise, bought the 19th-century house with her partner in 2009. They spent years renovating it to create Calico — a psychedelic, rainbow-patterned house complete with a broad, grinning mouth, a series of bright blue eyes, and a red and white striped chimney. The house is already a site to see, but Kat says it will “only get weirder” as time passes. 

Kat also describes the rainbow house as “The House That Sweaters Built.” Before her foray into home renovations, she was known for her fascinating, upcycled sweaters, which feature a variety of colors, patterns, and “crimes against perfection.”

In a recent Instagram post, the artist shared a photo of the house while also lamenting the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the art world.

As people across the internet were sharing AI portraits of themselves, she explained that the images caused her soul to shudder “on some cellular level.” She also said that she is “kinda blessed” because her life already resembles the other-worldly AI-generated images she saw all over social media. 

At the same time, though, she also described the benefits of AI name generators when it came to naming her upcoming sweater collection.

Katwise currently sells sweaters, coats, and arm warmers on her website. She also features tutorials on her Etsy store to help people make their own unique garments.

Whether she’s working on a clothing item or a home remodel, it’s safe to say that everything Kat touches will be colorful, intriguing, and anything but boring. 

Those who want to see more of Katwise’s home renovation project can watch the following video tour: