Brad Pitt Debuts His Sculptures at Finnish Art Museum

Artists from left to right: Nick Cave, Thomas Houseago, and Brad Pitt – Artworks from left to right: Thomas Houseago, Squatting Man, 2005. Xavier Hufkens Gallery. Thomas Houseago, Lechuza, 2020. Private Collection, Austria. Thomas Houseago, Episode (June) 2022, 2022. Houseago Studio, Los Angeles. Thomas Houseago, Vision Guide, 2022, Houseago Studio, Los Angeles. Thomas Houseago, Gold Walking Man, 2021, Maleki Collection. Photo: Jussi Koivunen / Sara Hildén Art Museum

Being an Academy Award-winning actor isn’t enough for the famous Brad Pitt.

He’s now established himself as a sculptor. Pitt’s artwork recently debuted in a group show titled “WE” at Tampere, Finland’s Sara Hildén Art Museum.

Pitt has nine pieces on display in the exhibition. His collection includes his first sculpture, titled “House A Go Go,” which he created in 2017. This sculpture features an 18-inch house made from tree bark and held together with tape.

Attendees can also see some of Pitt’s larger sculptures, including a massive bronze box with a series of hands, feet, and faces attempting to break out and a plaster sculpture that depicts a gunfight titled “Aiming At You I Saw Me But It Was Too Late This Time.”

In an interview with the Finnish news outlet Yle, Pitt explained that his foray into sculpting is about “self-reflection.”

Pitt added that his interest in sculpting was “born out of ownership” over a “radical inventory of the self.” The actor also clarified that for him, sculpting involves brutal honesty and “taking account of those I may have hurt.”

Pitt has also spoken publicly about his love for sculpting in the past.

During the press tour for his new movie Bullet Train, he talked about his obsession with the British TV show “The Great Pottery Throw Down.” He also discussed his home sculpture studio, where he said he and Leonardo DiCaprio have worked together on pottery projects.

Pitt is not the only celebrity with artwork featured in the “WE” exhibition. Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave is also debuting 17 individual pieces that make up “The Devil: A Life.” Each hand-crafted, glazed ceramic figurine stands 6-19.5 inches and depicts the life of satan in 17 different stages.

Those who want to see work from Brad Pitt (b. 1963 Oklahoma, USA), Nick Cave (b. 1957 Victoria, Australia), and Thomas Houseago (b. 1972 Leeds, UK) in person can attend the exhibition through January 15, 2023. Tickets are available through the museum’s website