Inventing Anna’s Art: Delvey Prints Now for Sale

Anna Sorokin, better know by her alias “Anna Delvey”

Anna Sorokin — the subject of Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” — is now a successful artist selling lithograph prints of her work.

Delvey has inspired far more than a hit streaming show in the last year. The recently released from prison Russian-born con woman also inspired a collection of artists who came together earlier this year to create work for the exhibition “Free Anna Delvey.”

The show debuted in Manhattan and featured work from 33 artists. Recreations of five of Delvey’s own drawings were displayed as well.

An article published by The Cut explains that Delvey’s original work was meant to be presented in the show. However, in ICE Orange County Detention, she couldn’t get the right size paper for the show.

Ever resourceful, Delvey contacted artist Alfredo Martinez — an artist who spent time in prison himself for forging Jean-Michel Basquiat drawings — and commissioned him to reproduce her work. Martinez’s talent was put to good use, and his recreations sold for $10,000!

After the show’s success, Delvey decided to launch her own show, titled “Allegedly,” a guest-list-focused event catering to “celebrity clientele.”

Delvey told Page Six that the show featured a collection of sketches she created while detained. She used “limited tools” to capture moments “both never-seen-before and iconic.” Some of her pieces are “straightforward,” and others are “abstract” and “unique in meaning and appearance to the observer.”

The show took place on the second floor of a hotel on the Lower East Side. Delvey couldn’t attend in person, but she did tune in via video chat.

The prints displayed during the show were listed for $10-$15,000 apiece. Buyers also had the choice to purchase the entire 21-piece collection for $500,000.

It’s unclear whether any of Delvey’s pieces sold. However, those who are looking for a more cost-effective version of her art can buy lithograph prints through the Founders Art Club online shop. Twenty-four pieces are currently available, starting at $250. 

Trial is the New Sex Tape – Limited Edition Anna Delvey Print – 1 of 500
Creating Anna – Limited Edition Anna Delvey Print – 1 of 500
No Regrets – Special Limited Edition Anna Delvey Print – 1 of 100
You’re Not Who You Pretend to be Either – Limited Edition Anna Delvey Print – 1 of 500