Activist Makes Statement About Wastefulness in Trash Suit

Photo: Rob Greenfield – 30 Days of Wearing My Trash (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)

Most people don’t think twice about where their trash goes. However, environmental activist Rob Greenfield is on a mission to change that with the campaign “30 Days of Wearing My Trash.”

To help people comprehend exactly how much trash they throw out every month, the 35-year-old Wisconsin native and former marketing company owner constructed a custom suit made from all the trash he produced in 30 days.

The suit is clear and showcases everything that he threw away in a month, from coffee cups to a laptop charger. When it was completed, it also weighed about 72 pounds!

In a statement on his website, Greenfield explains that the average American throws away nearly 5 pounds of trash every day without thinking twice. He hopes that by showing people what 30 days of trash looks like, he’ll encourage them to reconsider the number of single-use items they utilize and make more sustainable choices in the future.

Greenfield isn’t just interested in lecturing Americans about how much trash they produce. In an Instagram post (which features an image of him wearing the trash suit), he also provided actionable steps to help them make positive changes, including the following:

  • Buying more reusable items
  • Buying clothing and household goods secondhand
  • Composting produce and other food items instead of throwing them away
  • Buying more unpackaged foods
  • Buying food from local, sustainable farmers

He also encouraged his social media followers to “love [themselves] more than [they] love stuff” and question whether or not they really need to buy new things as often as they do.

Greenfield has spent nearly a decade carrying out projects related to addressing environmental issues — including going a full year without showering!

Those who want to learn more about the “30 Days of Wearing My Trash” project, this time held in Los Angeles, California, can watch Greenfield’s video below. They can also follow him on Instagram or visit his website for more information on his activism, as well as how to live a sustainable, waste-free lifestyle.