Japanese Artist Makes Leaf Art to Manage His ADHD

Photo: Lito Leaf Art

It is surprising how a simple leaf can create an incredibly magnificent scene. After all, there’s no specific way of doing art. Fallen leaves play a significant role in the art of Lito.

Lito creates intricate and unique artwork out of leaves. He has been doing this since 2020. The self-taught Japanese artist picked up on this work to channel his Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He confesses that leaf art helps hone his concentration a great deal.

Lito transforms leaves into many unexpected designs, from animal characters to human beings, artifacts, windows, buildings, etc. He uses half the leaf for carving details while the vein part acts as the ground. Despite the delicate nature of leaves, he often adds tiny decorations and still keeps them intact. He rarely messes up, even if the leaf becomes a single fine line. To be precise, his cutouts are pure quality arts.

Each piece reveals amusing sceneries that can translate to dreamy narratives if you take a closer inspection. Lito creates extraordinary things simply from nothing!

He recently stated in an interview that he prefers leaves because their fast decomposing nature makes him work quickly. On this note, his daily creations are increasing over time. Although the leaves decompose, his posts and pages keep growing.

Most people don’t know that Lito used to do paper-cutting before settling on leaf-cutting. He says that he shifted to leaf-cutting after seeing the work of another modest Spanish artist. Since then, this amazing artist has attracted much interest from his audience. He already has more than 440 thousand followers on Instagram, and he doesn’t seem like he’ll stop his artwork anytime soon.

Those who want to keep up with Lito’s latest artwork can follow him on Instagram or Twitter.