Laci Fay Takes a Fascination With the 50s to a New Level

Laci Fay baking cookies in her 1950s-inspired kitchen – Photo from “This woman lives every day like it’s 1958” video – In The Know | YouTube

It’s not uncommon for people to have a fascination with the past. Laci Fay takes this to a whole new level, though, by living every day as though it’s 1958.

Fay grew up listening to stories from her grandparents, who got married in 1955. She fell in love with the time period based on their retellings, and she eventually decided to try her own version of time travel.

In an interview with Yahoo!’s In the Know, Fay said that people should “do what [they] like… what makes [them] feel beautiful… and dress however [they] want to dress… to feel the most like [themselves].

For Fay, doing what she likes and dressing in a way that makes her feel beautiful means wearing dresses, brooches, hats, and shoes that all come from the 1950s. She purchases them at thrift stores or receives them as gifts from people who live during that time.

She explained that the first time she donned a 1950s dress and did her hair and makeup in the ways that were common at the time was “when [she] felt [she] was finally [herself] — and she’s never looked back since then.”

For Fay and her husband Dane, the love of the 1950s doesn’t stop with the way she dresses. She and Dane also live in a house built in 1953 and have set it up in the style of a traditional 1950s house — from appliances and decor to furniture.

Fay’s son Connor’s bedroom is the only room that deviates from the 1950s theme. However, he told In the Know that he has no problem with the design of his house. He explained that it feels “so normal” to him and that he enjoys going to the thrift store to find new pieces.

Those who want to see Fay’s style for themselves can follow her on Instagram. The following YouTube video also provides some insight into her unique style.