New Short Film Shows the Power of Going Home

“Back in the Island” poster

Multidisciplinary artist Amanda Valle is taking the concept of “returning home” to a whole new level with her latest short film, “Back in the Island.”  

“Back in the Island” explores Valle’s journey back to her home country, the Dominican Republic, and the power that a trip home can have after going through a difficult period in one’s life. A synopsis of the film explains that Valle sought comfort in her homeland after going through an “emotionally draining period.”

Artist Amanda Valle in “Back in the Island” short film

Valle was born in Santo Domingo in 1984 and grew up the only daughter of a single mother. She eventually moved to the U.S. to pursue a career as an artist. Since 2019, she has traveled back and forth between Miami and the Dominican Republic.

In a statement about her film, Valle explained that she had spent a lot of time wondering about her experience returning home after living abroad. She added that when she finally got back to the Dominican Republic, she saw that it had changed and grown older. She also felt a “burning need” to discover the “unvarying spirit” of her culture.

Amanda Valle behind the scenes of “Back in the Island” short film

Valle’s film has been recognized by more than 20 international film festivals, from the Aesthetica Short Film Festival to the Berlin Commercial festival, where it received the New Generation Award.

“Back in the Island” is more than a standalone short film, though. It also served as the inspiration for Valle’s new art series, which features 12 unique and stunning paintings. 

Referring to her paintings, Valle said that she strived to use color, shape, and texture to revive the “unnoticed feelings” that live under the surface of everyday situations.

She calls the film and art series a celebration of her homeland’s “unaltered energy,” as well as an exploration of “inner instincts” that encourages others to seek out deeper connections between their emotions and the way they experience the world.

Those who want to watch Valle’s new short film can do so below via Vimeo.