Hot•Bed Explores Memory and Identity in Groundbreaking New Exhibit

On September 11, 2021, HOT•BED, a Philadelphia-based gallery and creative lifestyle space, launched a new, multidisciplinary exhibition that explores the subconscious memories and the impact they have on human identities. The show, titled Hidden Threads, is a group exhibition that was curated by Bryan Hoffman (CEO of Hoffman Design Group and Principal of HOT•BED).

According to a statement from the gallery, the work showcased in Hidden Threads was inspired by the involuntary emotions and memories (or “mind-pops”) that show up throughout the day when we’re exposed to various stimuli. These mind-pops form “hidden threads” that connect our everyday experiences and make them more meaningful.

This exhibition features photography, videography/projection mapping, sculpture, installations, paintings, and works on paper from several renowned artists, including Alex GriffinCarlos AlejandroKatee Boyle, and János Korodi. Boyle, Alejandro, and and Matt Nelson of N.E. Productions also contributed collaborative projects in addition to their own individual works.

Hidden Threads is not only a special exhibition because of the unique subjects it explores. It’s also the first show that will use all of HOT•BED’s space, including the main gallery and the MICRO•GALLERY. The exhibition will flow through the gallery, getting more intense as visitors move through it, and act as a “subconscious space” that visitors can explore more deeply.

The HOT•BED staff will not provide much direction to give visitors as much autonomy as possible when it comes to exploring the gallery and the human mind. The goal is to allow visitors to have as deep (or as shallow) of an experience as they’d like, without being pressured one way or another by the gallery’s employees.

Hidden Threads will run until November 12, 2021.

Those who want to see the exhibition before it closes must RSVP via the Appointments Page of the HOT•BED website. Here, they can schedule an “intimate showing” at a time that works best for them.