‘Annabel’s for the Amazon’ Takes a Stand for the Rainforest

The entrance to the club – Photo: Annabel’s

Annabel’s, the famous London-based, members-only club, isn’t just an exclusive place to dine and be entertained. This club is also taking an environmentalist stand with its impressive initiative, “Annabel’s for the Amazon.”

In an effort to protect the Amazon rainforest and minimize the damage caused to it by logging, agriculture, and other projects, Annabel’s launched this initiative on September 30, 2021, in collaboration with two charitable groups: The Caring Family Foundation and One Tree Planted.

A staggering art installation that featured oversized birds and a collection of plant life native to the Amazon, including ferns and a variety of flowers, was part of the club’s inaugural Annabel’s for The Amazon initiative.

Annabel’s, The Caring Family Foundation, and One Tree Planted have all worked together on this project with the goal of combatting the effects of deforestation (the intentional clearing of forested lands).

Deforestation has been wreaking havoc on the Amazon for years, and if its effects are not reversed (or, at least, if attempts to reverse them are not made), the impact will only get worse.

Deforestation has disrupted the water cycle in the Amazon, leading to less moisture and higher temperatures. It has minimized the availability of nutrients for the various plants that make up the forest, too, and has contributed to faster soil erosion.

Deforestation has serious effects on the Amazon itself, but it is also contributing to increased suffering for the Indigenous people who call it home. 

By March 2023, Annabel’s, The Caring Family Foundation, and One Tree Planted hope to have planted one million trees in the Amazon in an effort to renew biodiversity, specifically in the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor. This is an area of land that has been devastated by agriculture, logging, and other deforestation projects.

The Araguaia corridor spans 2,600 kilometers (the equivalent of traveling from Moscow to London). If the collaborating organizations are successful, planting 1 million trees in this area will have a significant positive effect on the health and longevity of the Amazon.