Taliban Taking Over Afghanistan Through Sara Rahmani’s Eyes

Sara Rahmani’s heartbreaking painting

The footage of the devastation that has hit Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban’s takeover has touched hearts all over the world. Afghan-born artist and California resident, Sara Rahmani, is no exception.

Rahmani began a new project shortly before the Taliban took over in Kabul. In an interview with CNN, she explained that she began by painting an image of a beautiful Afghan girl. After hearing about the events in Kabul, though, she felt “such pain” in her heart that the tone and theme of her painting changed.

The bottom left of Rahmani’s painting features the colors of the Afghanistan national flag, along with two women (one is performing a traditional dance, while the other is writing “peace” in Farsi) wearing traditional dress. On the right side, painted in shades of grey, are images of people desperately trying to flee the country. There’s even an image of a man trying to hand his baby over the fence to a soldier so they can go on to a better life without him.

The girl in the center of the painting, whom Rahmani was painting when she first heard the news about her home country, is painted half in color and half black and white, a blend of the beauty and richness of the Afghan culture combined with the horrors that the Afghan people are currently facing.

Rahmani, who is a civil engineering student and part-time artist, came to the United States four years ago with her family.

She took civil engineering classes in Afghanistan prior to her move, too, and told CNN that she is “really sorry” for her college and the girls she knew back in her home country. She added that everyone is “really frustrated” in a “bad situation” because they don’t know what the future holds for them.

Those who want to support Rahmani and see more of her artwork can follow her on Instagram.