Alex – Exploring Luca Spreafico’s New Fashion Film

Filmmakers gain inspiration for their art from all kinds of sources, and Luca Spreafico is no exception. His latest fashion film, “Alex,” was inspired by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy.

“Alex,” which Spreafico wrote and directed, tells the story of a woman, played by Silvia Bonavigo, who is reliving and working through trauma that she experienced in her life.

The short film delves into the human psyche and explores themes of childhood abandonment. It also takes viewers on a journey to understand the ways these challenges can affect adults if they aren’t addressed.

Spreafico’s latest project has been described as movement-led and experimental. All elements of the film, from the costume design and music composition to the photography and choice of location, are meant to depict a dreamlike state. It was shot in a historical villa in Italy’s Lombard region and uses dance to tell a story and show the way that movement can serve as a release for stored trauma.

“Alex” is Spreafico’s first narrative work. In a statement about the project, he said that he had wanted to create the film, “Alex,” for “quite some time.” He also explained that this film allowed him to experiment with different formats and get closer to the types of content he wants to create in the future.

Milan-based film director and photographer Luca Spreafico

“Alex” gained a lot of attention at international film festivals in 2020. It received 10 nominations and won 5 awards, including Best Actress at A Shaded View on Fashion Film, Best Performance at the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival and
Best International Fashion Film at the Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival.

Spreafico is no stranger to film or photography. He also is passionate about fashion and has worked with several international brands. Whether his next project is a commercial work or something more personal like “Alex,” it’s certain to be a hit.

Those who want to view “Alex” for themselves can do so below:


Director and Writer:
Luca Spreafico ( @lucasprea )
Silvia Bonavigo ( @silvisis),
Eugenia Caruso ( @eugeniacaruso ),
Alessandra Sbordoni
Director of Photography:
Alessandro Ubaldi ( @ubaldi.alessandro )
Editing and VFX:
Federica Intelisano ( @federica.intelisano )
Color Grading:
Daniel Palluca (@daniel_pallucca_colorist )
The Blink Fish ( @theblinkfish )
Executive Producer:
Lorenzo Majno
Line Producer:
Marco Agensi
Production Manager:
Natalia Troni
Niccolò di Guida  ( @niccolodiguida )
Camera Assistant:
Andrea Pedrinelli
Armando Avallone ( @armandoavallone )
Francesco Rosiglioni ( @francescorosiglioni )
Luca Pardini ( l.pardox )
Valerio Vigo
Set Designer:
Gabriele Cavalchi ( @gabrielecavalchi
Art Assistant:
Marco Orlando
Prop Master:
Mattia Venturelli
Federica Bonifaci ( @federicabonifaci )
Olivia Lucchini ( @ollirules )
Maria Carlini ( @mariacarlini.mua )
Riccardo Amorese 
Sound Recording and Sound Design:
Edoardo Bianchi
Production Assistants:
Lora Brugioli ( @lorabrugioli ),
Koen Revet ( ),
Claudia Romano,
Nikki de Macker