SVA Students Predict Post-Pandemic Life With Magazine Covers

By Jungwoo Lee

In the wake of massive vaccine rollouts throughout the United States, some light is finally visible at the end of the very long, dark tunnel that has been the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people are excited for life to return to normal. However, they’re also a bit nervous or unsure about what to expect moving forward.

Illustration students at the School of Visual Arts in New York City have found a unique way to turn this range of feelings into incredible works of art.

Under the instruction of professor Tomer Hanuka, a group of third-year students were tasked with creating magazine covers that illustrate their predictions of what post-pandemic life will look like. These magazine covers were all drawn in the style of The New Yorker.

By Dou Hong

The New Yorker is known for having interesting and sometimes controversial cover art. With this information in mind, Hanuka’s students got to work creating their own New Yorker-inspired covers.

Many of the covers feature images that spark hope for the future. For example, one created by Milly Wen depicts a plane ticket to Hawaii, illustrating the fact that so many people are looking forward to taking trips now that they’re vaccinated, and borders are reopening. This one from Amy Young, on the other hand, shows a family having dinner together, unmasked, which is something lots of folks are eager to enjoy.

By Amy Young

At the same time, some of the covers take on a different tone. For example, this cover by Jane McIlvane and this one by Fan Zhang both feature pets being left home alone, presumably for the first time in over a year, as the owners go to work or school. These images definitely have the potential to pull at people’s heartstrings.

By Jane McIlvaine
By Fan Zhang

For those who want to see more, this Twitter thread from Hanuka features many of the covers and credits the artists responsible for them.