Petros Kaminiotis Honors Greek Culture With PlaymoGreek

Photo: PlaymoGreek / Facebook

As we dive deeper into the 21st Century, it’s becoming harder to stay connected to traditions of the past. Artist Petros Kaminiotis is on a mission to change that, though.

Kaminiotis is the designer and creator behind PlaymoGreek figurines. With these figurines, he’s found a unique way to merge his passions for folk dance, traditional Greek dress, and his favorite toys from childhood.

Since he was young, Kaminiotis has been designing different outfits for his Playmobil dolls, which were invented by Horst Brandstätter in 1974. Now, he’s creating a series of outfits that celebrate and provide education around traditional Greek folk culture.

Photo: PlaymoGreek / Facebook

In an interview with My Modern Met, Kaminiotis said that he’s always had a “great interest” in these traditional Greek costumes because they comprise “numerous elements” and “various techniques.” He aims to showcase these different techniques with PlaymoGreek and does his best to “give the highest possible detail.”

For every figurine he creates, Kaminiotis begins his process with extensive research. The whole process takes over one full week of “dawn-to-dusk work.”

He delves into the traditional clothing for specific regions of Greece, as well as style variants based on factors like age, gender, and socio-economic status. Once his research is complete, he goes on to create patterns, sew the garments, and dress the Playmobil dolls down to jewelry and accessories.

Photo: PlaymoGreek / Facebook

When asked about why he dedicates so much time and effort to create this collection, Kaminiotis explained that he wants his enthusiasm to inspire those who weren’t aware of traditional Greek dress previously. He wants to showcase traditional costumes in a “more contemporary and creative” style to appeal to younger generations.

So far, Kaminiotis has showcased his figurines in several prominent exhibitions, including at Athens’ National Historical Museum and Sydney’s Hellenic Lyceum. Those who want to keep up with his latest creations can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.