Anya Anti Speaks Out on Climate Change in ‘2.5 Seconds’

Global Warming – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti

New York-based photo artist Anya Anti is making waves with her newest conceptual photography project, “2.5 Seconds.”

Anti, who was born in Ukraine, created this project with the goal of raising awareness about climate change. She accomplishes this with the use of allegorical figures placed against lush green backdrops and coupled with surreal symbolism.

In an interview with My Modern Met, Anti said that she used the title “2.5 Seconds” because she wanted to use “the power of numbers” to make a strong point to her audience.

She went on to explain that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, while mankind is only 140,000 years old. When the existence of the Earth is compressed into a 24-hour day, that means humans have only been on the planet for a mere 2.5 seconds.

In the equivalent of 2.5 seconds, Anti points out that humans have managed to become the “dominant species” while having a “catastrophic impact on the environment” and turned it into our “own personal factory.”

Sea Level Rise – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti
Greenhouse Gases – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti
Extreme Weather – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti

“2.5 Seconds” consists of a series of photographs, each taken against Iceland’s stunning green backdrop. The photos use unique metaphors and symbolism to highlight the current environmental crisis.

Deforestation – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti
Pollution – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti
Glacier Melt – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti

Anya Anti, a self-taught artist who gained all of her photography knowledge through social media and various online communities, is using her photography to express her fears and hopefully encourage those who view it to take action. She hopes that her art will be “louder and clearer than words.”

Plastic Pollution – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti
Plastic Pollution Anya Anti
Plastic Pollution – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti
Plastic Pollution – 2.5 Seconds – Anya Anti

She is best known for her surrealistic female portraits. As her latest project makes clear, though, she’s not just interested in taking pretty pictures. She’s here to send a strong message that resonates with her audience and drives them to make a difference.

The above video showcases the photographs included in the “2.5 Seconds” project. Those who want to learn more about Anti and the project can follow her on Instagram or visit her website.