Him & Her: A Fresh Take on the Classic Love Story

Him-Her-filmLate last year, director Daria Geller premiered the new film “Him & Her,” a modern retelling of the short story “He & She.”

“He & She,” the source material for “Him & Her,” is a short story written by Anton Chekhov in the 19th century. It consists of a series of love letters shared between a man and woman.

Inspired by Chekhov’s work, “Him & Her” is meant to question the traditional depiction of love. It has been described as an “anti-fairy tale” and a “tale of love and hate.”

“Him & Her” stars Miriam Sekhon as “Her,” a struggling singer, and Evgeniy Kharitonov as “Him,” her husband and manager. The film follows the two as they travel to various shows, falling in and out of love along the way, and takes a deep, unfiltered dive into the many toxic elements of romantic relationships.

2021/02/him-her-film-daria-geller.png?fit=1200,448&ssl=1Geller’s work illustrates the way that feelings of love and hate are more closely connected than many people are inclined (or want) to think. It also demonstrates the paradox that many couples experience: They only show the worst sides of themselves to the people they love the most.

“Him & Her” has been praised by critics for its rawness and honesty in cinematography, writing, and acting.

The film is set in three different and distinct Russian locations (Hotel Che, Hotel Uzkoe, and the Central House of Architecture), all picked for their Soviet-era decor. In each of these locations, the entire cast does an excellent job of demonstrating the push and pull that many couples experience when it comes to feeling deep love for one another and an equally deep sense of hatred.

There are plenty of moments throughout the film in which the leads seem unable to stand each other. At the same time, they also have plenty of moments in which they cannot stand to be left alone. These seeming contradictions are something many couples have surely experienced and will be able to relate to when they view “Him & Her.”

“Him & Her” is Geller’s first narrative short film. It’s currently being screened at several different international film festivals. It also won an award for Best Short Film and Best Actress at Cinalfama and Best Short and Best Cinematography at Indie Short Fest. “Him & Her” was also nominated for the Best Cinematography award at the ARFF Berlin International Awards.

Geller was born and raised in Moscow, but the director is now based in Paris and Tel Aviv. Her career in the world of cinema started at the age of sixteen when Geller began to attend VGIK, Russia’s preeminent film school, where she studied under famous cinematographer Mikhail Agranovich.

Since then, Geller has worked throughout Russia, Europe, and the Middle East as a director and director of photography. She’s been a part of commercials, documentaries, short films, music videos, and more.

Now that “Him & Her” is making the rounds at film festivals throughout the world, it’s safe to say that her career is only going to continue to progress. Those who want to learn more about Geller and her work can check out her website here.