Photential’s ‘The Nineties Project’ Offers Premium Nostalgia

Photo: Tania Franco Klein

The 1990s are long gone, but the global art platform Photential is helping the nostalgia to live on. Starting on February 4, 2021, Photential will proudly introduce a new multi-part art initiative entitled “The Nineties Project.”

“The Nineties Project” will feature a variety of photographic works, all of which are inspired by the unique history, art, fashion, and culture of the 1990s.

Photo: Tania Franco Klein

The headlining exhibition of “The Nineties Project” promises to be particularly engaging. It will celebrate original photography projects from 13 different “90s kids” who were born between 1990 and 1999. The selection includes: Clémentine Balzaen, Malick Dobian, Lindsay Ellery, Tania Franco Klein, Luca Khouri, Daniil Kotliar, Morgan Maher, Jan Philipzen, Kristina Podobed, Chanell Stone, An Simin, William Waterworth and Toby Zeng. Their work will be accompanied by a unique fashion collaboration, as well as features curated by Photential’s advisory board.

From February 4 until the end of March 2021, Photential will be releasing one aspect of this initiative each week to keep things fresh and give all contributors a chance to shine.

Photo: Daniil Kotliar

The “90s kids” whose work is featured in the exhibit come from all over the world, from Israel to Jamaica. Each of their pieces will be introduced by Photential’s Creative Director, Sonya Kvasha.

Photo: An Simin
Photo: Lindsay Ellary
Photo: Kristina Podobed

In addition to introducing the world to 90s-inspired work from a variety of international artists, Photential also plans to launch solo collaborations with different advisory committee members from February 11 to March 11. The list of participating advisory committee members includes He Yining, who will kick off the exhibition, Alejandro Castellote, Roger Ballen, Sandra Maunac, and Moritz Neumuller.

Photo: Morgan Maher
Photo: Luca Khouri
Photo: Malick Bodian

“The Nineties Project” will end with a fashion collaboration. This showcase will introduce a collectible, limited edition ready-to-wear fashion item that features visuals from Arnold Veber. Veber is a Moscow-based up-and-coming nightlife photographer.

Those who want to learn more about this exciting exhibition can do so by visiting Photential’s website. They can also follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop.