Adam Wallacavage’s AFTER FOREVER Solo Exhibition

Adam Wallacavage: AFTER FOREVER – Photo: HOT•BED / Facebook

HOT•BED, a Philadelphia-based gallery and creative lifestyle space founded in 2017, is excited to announce a new solo exhibition from Adam Wallacavage, AFTER FOREVER.

Curated by James Oliver, this iterative installation will change week by week. New sculptures are set to be introduced each Friday from December 18, 2020, to March 6, 2021.

AFTER FOREVER will feature works from two of Wallacavage’s ongoing series: Octopus Chandeliers and Kitsch Collaborations. The exhibition showcases the intricate nature of Wallacavage’s work and creates an “immersive fantastical environment.”

The Octopus Chandeliers series combines Art Nouveau, Surrealism, and Wallacavage’s lifelong fascination with the sea. The collection features a variety of bright, candy-colored octopi, created using a variety of contemporary materials, including epoxy resin, glitter, and iridescent powders.

Adam Wallacavage – “The Ghost Has No Home” – Height: 40 in.; Width: 32 in.; Depth: 32 in. – Lamp parts, epoxy clay, epoxy resin and spray paint – Courtesy of the artist and HOT•BED
Adam Wallacavage – “Sherbet Hiccups” – Height: 32 in.; Width: 32 in.; Depth: 32 in. – Epoxy clay, epoxy resin, and lamp parts – Courtesy of the artist and HOT•BED

What makes these sculptures even more fascinating is the fact that they are also functional. When they’re lit with candles or light bulbs, the work activates, and the octopus tentacles take on an oozing effect as wax begins to drip.

The AFTER FOREVER exhibition also showcases new works from Kitsch Collaborations. This series, which began in the early 2000s, features a variety of figurative lamps sourced from antique stores throughout Philadelphia. Wallacavage transforms these lamps into a range of fairytale characters (such as frogs or fairies).

Adam Wallacavage – “I Feel Love” – Height: 38 in.; Width: 15 in.; Depth: 15 in. – Vintage Italian porcelain lamp, epoxy clay, epoxy resin, day glo paints, shells – Courtesy of the artist and HOT•BED

Originally, the series was meant to poke fun at the highbrow nature of the art world. These ethereal creations have since become a representation of the creativity and fantastical elements that Wallacavage brings to all of his projects.

In addition to designs from these two collections, AFTER FOREVER will also showcase several different “fantasy vignettes” that Wallacavage and HOT•BED constructed together using furniture, decor, plants, and objet d’arts.

Per the current COVID-19 regulations, HOT•BED is allowing visitors to experience the exhibition on an appointment-only basis. Walk-ins are allowed, but only if there is enough space.

Those who are interested in seeing AFTER FOREVER for themselves can make appointments online by contacting