Paris Launches Floating Movie Theater For Social Distancing Fun

floating movie theater in Paris, France
floating movie theater in Paris, France
Photo: Le Cinéma Sur L’Eau

When you think of watching movies under the stars, your mind may immediately cut to images of the age-old American pastime of the drive-in theaters, which have since witnessed their own type of renaissance and resurgence in popularity. The romance, the entertainment, the personal touch—all of these elements are brought to the forefront when indulging in alfresco cinema. But is there a way to take this quintessentially American experience and make it… better? A dedicated crew of French culture enthusiasts seems to think so.

The “Cinéma Sur L’Eau“—literally, the cinema on the water—will greet a city full of film buffs this summer, playing titles against a massive screen emerging from the banks of the mighty Seine River. The unique screening is a much-needed opportunity for sun-starved Parisians to emerge from their hiding places after a claustrophobic spring and, once again, take in the sights and sounds of their fabulous city.

The launch of the cinema on July 18th coincides with the opening of the famous Paris Plages (which is also hosting the floating film event), the city-run initiative that, for nearly 20 years, has provided locals with free beachfront spaces on which to relax during the scorching European summers.

Bassin de la Villette in Paris, France
Bassin de la Villette in Paris, France – Photo: Paris Plages
Parc Rives de Seine in Paris, France
Parc Rives de Seine in Paris, France – Photo: Paris Plages

Following a draw, a select number of lucky individuals were chosen to cast off on 38 tiny, electric boats that comfortably seat up to six people each to catch a screening of Gilles Lelouche’s “Le Grand Bain” and Victor Mirabel’s appropriately named short film, “A Corona Story.” Not only that, but members of the public will also have the opportunity to watch the projection while camping out in one of the 150 comfy lawn chairs spread across the banks. A truly one of a kind experience!