The Charm of San Elizario, Texas, as Told by Alberto Escamilla

Impressionist artist Alberto Escamilla painting a southwestern scene in his El Paso studio
Impressionist artist Alberto Escamilla painting a southwestern scene in his El Paso studio
Impressionist artist Alberto Escamilla

The serene beauty and charm of El Paso, Texas, has served as an inspiring backdrop for many great artists. Alberto Escamilla is one of them.

Born in Sanderson, Texas, Escamilla first realized his love of visual arts via comic books. An early interest in college basketball took a backseat when he discovered that Texas Western College (now the University of Texas at El Paso) offered art education as a degree. From there, Alberto Escamilla pursued his passion – and never looked back.

A long-time El Paso resident, Escamilla’s early work was reflective of the dusty, southwestern scene. Highly influential and revered in local and national art circles, he has made many creative pivots in his storied career, always keeping ahead of the pack.

"The Immigrants" artwork created by Alberto Escamilla
A Tribute to My Grandmother – Alberto Escamilla. The original oil painting 16” x 20” is in the private collection of Cormac McCarthy, famed American novelist who wrote “All the Pretty Horses,” “The Road,” “No Country for Old Men” and “The Counselor,” plus others, that were made into movies. This is Alberto Escamilla’s top selling art reproduction.

The artist’s work may look conventional on the surface, but his methods are distinctly his own. Escamilla tends to apply paint to the canvas using a dabbing technique, eschewing traditional brush strokes. He is also renowned for creating hazy landscapes of abundant color and light, including outstanding pastoral scenes of El Paso’s iconic cotton fields and skies full of vibrant clouds. His subject matter runs the gamut from portraiture to religious iconography; bucolic farmsteads to ballerinas.

"Roping" artwork created by Alberto Escamilla
Roping – Alberto Escamilla
"Moonlight Over the Cotton Field" artwork created by Alberto Escamilla
Moonlight Over the Cotton Field – Alberto Escamilla
"Tarahumara Goat Herder" artwork created by Alberto Escamilla
Tarahumara Goat Herder – Alberto Escamilla

He is not too modest to call out his Impressionist inspirations, which include Monet and Pissarro – all of whom have legacies upon which Escamilla attempts to continue. It is a noble mission and one that yields a creative output to often rival the masters.

Escamilla’s studio is located in San Elizario, in the heart of El Paso County, Texas. The white sandstone-stucco structure sits on a particularly inspired stretch of the town’s Main Street, the San Elizario Art District, which also features many different fine art galleries and centers.

Alberto Escamilla's studio in El Paso, Texas
Escamilla Fine Art Gallery & Studio, El Paso, Texas – Photo Credit: Katerina Papathanasiou / The Vale Magazine

Visitors can see the artist at work, or tour the space and accompanying gift shop Wednesdays – Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm; and Sundays from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

For more information, visit Escamilla’s website.