Identical Twins From Russia Create Intricate Dolls by Hand

Popovy Sisters intricate fine art doll
Popovy Sisters fine art doll
“Popovy Sisters” fine art doll – “TAWNY OWL” Collection

“Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder” is not merely a phrase, and Russian fashion designer duo Ekaterina (Katya) and Elena (Lena) Popovy, better known as “Popovy Sisters,” are living proof of this. These identical twin sisters create some of the most realistic dolls you will ever lay your eyes upon.

Their journey began in 2004, and after a lot of hard work, their efforts came to fruition. After releasing the first visuals of their “Sisters” dolls in 2012, they have gone on to make waves in the fashion world on a global scale.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship has brought the “Popovy Sisters” to the frontline of experimental art, which has further led them down a path of success and worldwide recognition.

The Popovy dolls are hauntingly real, crafted with the utmost attention to detail, including deep eyes, freckles, and overall appearance. The “Popovy Sisters” release a new collection of dolls, clothes, and suitable jewelry every year to be exhibited all over the world.

Popovy Sisters fine art doll on a horse
“Popovy Sisters” fine art doll – “PEARL GRAY” Collection

Their clientele includes the remarkable Jean Paul Gaultier, who has ordered “custom-made” dolls for himself, which itself is a testament to Katya and Lena’s craftsmanship. Their client base also includes the singer Yolandi Visser, and the rap-rave band Die Antwoord.

Popovy Sisters fine art doll created for Jean Paul Gaultier
“Popovy Sisters” fine art doll – “DOLLS FOR MR. J.P GAULTIER” Collection
Popovy Sisters fine art dolls created for Jean Paul Gaultier
“Popovy Sisters” fine art dolls – “DOLLS FOR MR. J.P GAULTIER” Collection

The “Sisters” is a collector’s item and not just a doll collection that one can play around with. The growing value and popularity of these dolls proves that one needs to bring their unique perspective to their art, and the world will watch in awe.

With their unique perspective and excellent craftsmanship, the “Popovy Sisters” have brought a breath of fresh air into the world of art, design, and fashion, and it looks like they are re here to stay.