Internet Celebrity Li Ziqi Captures the Beauty of Chinese Traditions

Snapshots of Li Ziqi's Youtube video about a step-by-step process for weaving a dyed wool cloak.
Internet celebrity Li Ziqi in the countryside of China.
Chinese internet celebrity Li Ziqi

Vlogger Li Ziqi lives a simple life in the idyllic countryside of Mianyang in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. She has gained fame on Youtube for her beautifully detailed videos that demonstrate traditional Chinese recipes and crafts. In one of her first videos, Li captivated viewers by showing how to make Chinese paper – an intricate process that dates back to the Han Dynasty and can take days to complete.

Her goal is to offer the audience an insider’s view of what life is like on her farm, where she completes day-to-day tasks, as well as more complex and artful projects that incorporate Chinese tradition.

Another of her popular videos consists of a step-by-step process for weaving a dyed wool cloak. In the video, she captivates viewers by taking them through the process in its entirety. She begins with a walk across the snowy mountains to acquire the wool (meeting several adorable creatures along the way). With her calm presence and artful videography, she keeps the rapt attention of her viewers until the very last step of weaving the beautiful yarn into a cloak.

Each video, no matter the subject matter, is posted with a caption to explain the process and its tie to Chinese history and tradition. By striking a balance of ancient culture with modern technology, Li Ziqi teaches her fans about the food and raw materials she uses every day and how each is relevant to China’s rich history.

With nearly six million subscribers on Youtube and more than 16 million followers on Sina Weibo, Li Ziqi has gained celebrity status around the world as eager viewers wait for their next peek into her charming life of peace and tranquility.