IKEA Brings Iconic TV Show Sets to Your Living Room

Stranger Things IKEA Living Room
Stranger Things IKEA Living Room
“Stranger Things” IKEA Living Room

The Simpsons” disheveled TV room. The “Friends” quirky New York City apartment. “Stranger Things” eerie, fairy-lit, mishmash living room. We all know and love these iconic rooms. Now, you can make your own pad look like your favorite television show set as if it has leapt straight off the screen.

No, you do not need to hire a professional set designer to re-create these memorable rooms in your own house – just your local IKEA. Thanks to the advertising agency Publicis Spain and United Arab Emirates’ IKEA, a wonderful new ad campaign serves up every tchotchke and furnishing that you need to re-create your favorite TV living spaces in your own home.

The “IKEA Real Life” series features “Friends,” “Stranger Things,” and “The Simpsons” living rooms in real life, tagged with each item you will need to create an identical space for yourself. Fancy Monica and Rachel’s purple New York digs? Load your cart with the EKTORP sofa, ÄNGLAND lamp, and MÄRIT table-runner. Craving a “Stranger Things” vibe in your rec room? It is as simple as stocking up on a TUVALIE throw, BILLY bookcase, and STRANDMON armchair.

The Friends IKEA Living Room
The “Friends” IKEA Living Room

The ad, featuring everything from furniture pieces to decorative wall art, along with price tags for each item, is pure IKEA and simply genius. Guaranteed to strike a chord with any audience, from middle-age, long-time “The Simpsons” fans to “Stranger Things” youthful audience, the campaign targets TV and design enthusiasts alike, all within the retailer’s beloved wallet-friendly budget.

You might not liken yourself to “Homer” or “Marge Simpson,” but the fact that their family-packed couch setup can be yours is a temptation that any super-fan cannot ignore. The crafty crew at Publicis Spain and UAE IKEA are surely patting themselves on the back for this smart campaign that hits the sweet spot with the modern pop-culture crowd.

The Simpsons IKEA Living Room
“The Simpsons” IKEA Living Room