Jimmy Nelson’s Most Recent Book Pays “Homage to Humanity”

Jimmy Nelson in Mundari | Nyikabor, Terekeka state | South Sudan | 2016.
Jimmy Nelson in Mundari | Nyikabor, Terekeka state | South Sudan | 2016.
Jimmy Nelson in Mundari | Nyikabor, Terekeka state | South Sudan | 2016. © Stephanie van der Wiel

Iconic British photographer Jimmy Nelson carries on his tradition of capturing brilliant images of the world’s many indigenous cultures through his latest book, “Homage To Humanity.” While his earlier work, “Before They Pass Away,” had a more cynical view of the fate of these cultures, his new book takes us on a journey through a new lens – one of celebration and honor.

“Homage To Humanity” brings Nelson’s passion for travel to life, along with a desire for cultural immersion through this collection of striking photographs, maps, infographics, travel journals, interviews, and tales of local history.

The book’s addictive quality stems from its rich narrative of indigenous cultures from more than 30 countries across five continents. Nelson is not content to simply photograph the people he meets – he wants to tell their stories, share ancient traditions, and demonstrate profound respect for their unique cultures.

Q'ero, Homage to Humanity © Jimmy Nelson
Q’ero, Homage to Humanity © Jimmy Nelson

“Homage to Humanity” pokes holes in places we do not typically see, bringing light to the most remote corners of the planet. Not only does Nelson take his readers along for the journey, but he provides them with an intimate exploration of the world’s ever-changing cultural landscape.

What elevates “Homage to Humanity” from other travel photo journals is its interactive mobile application which gives readers access to behind-the-scenes footage, 360-degree video, engaging storytelling, and more. Readers can scan Nelson’s images with their smartphone to dive deeper into his cultural exploration through cutting-edge technology.

In addition to his published works, Nelson has created the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. The foundation fosters the development of emerging photography and film projects through financing for artists who are pursuing capturing the beauty of the world’s cultures.

“Homage To Humanity” is available now at book stores across the country and online. The app is available through iTunes and Google Play. Consider this a must-buy for photography, travel, and cultural enthusiasts.