The Garret: NYC’s Best Speakeasy Pub

The interior of The Garret, West Village, NYC

The interior of The Garret, West Village, NYC

The First Lady,” a rather odd named cocktail served in a Collins glass, is one of the specials at this upscale cocktail den hidden in New York City’s West Village. Ask the bartender to surprise you disclosing the cocktail’s ingredients. “It’s gin with combier, matcha green tea, lemon, egg white, and fresh basil,” he will reveal. Ask him what it tastes like.” It’s totally different to “Gibson” which is made of gin, French dry vermouth, and pickled onion, that’s for sure,” he will explain. Both these cocktails are reasonably priced so do not hesitate to accept the challenge of trying them to decide yourself.

Around you, a mix of NYU-ers and West Village scenesters who cannot live without enjoying Cajun fries and foil-wrapped burgers at least once a week, clustered at a bar serving beers from Newburgh and Brooklin breweries atop a famous burger joint. “Is that legal?” is a question you will ask yourself following your friend to what it looks like a janitorial closet inside Five Guys. A hidden staircase inside the comfort food restaurant will lead you upstairs to The Garret, a cocktail lounge bar that has the vibe of a beautifully decorated Lower Manhattan loft.

The interior of The Garret in NYC.

The multicolored skull painting right on the fireplace by Caribbean-born American artist Bradley Theodore, the rhinoceros head creation by Ohio born artist Nick Bakita, the tasteful glass chandeliers as well as the expensive bathroom door with the 90 knobs will intensify your curiosity. It would be fair to say that The Garret is pure Big Apple magnificence. Located on Bleecker Street in Manhattan’s West Village atop the famous 30-year-old burger joint Five Guys, The Garret is a fantastic and unpretentious skylighted bar where you can try delicious drinks relaxing on leather couches or two-seater booths and enjoying beautiful street views.

The Garret
Hours: Open seven days a week. Monday through Wednesday 5 pm-1 am, Thursday and Friday 5 pm – 2 am, Saturday 2 pm – 2 am, Sunday 2 pm – 1 am
Address: 296 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014, USA, 2nd floor (at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Barrow Street)
Phone: 212-675-6157